My Nutrients

All my Thais are in a 70/30 coco/perlite mix.  Coco does not have inherent nutrients like soil, so you have to add what plants need (kind of like Brawndo, haha!).

The ingredients I use are below.  It's costly upfront, but if you don't have many plants using the PM Method, it lasts for a good while!   The Key to this is watering often! The method recommends watering every day!   During dormant months I will sometimes water every two to three days, but during grow season I water every morning.

Coco Perlite Mix
Bloom City Silica Boost
Sensi Coco Grow
Xtreme Gardening Azos
Roots Excelurator Gold

And here's the recipe I use per one gallon of distilled water:

-Add 5ml Silica Boost to distilled water (filtered tap water is okay, just don't want the chlorine, etc).  Before adding the other nutrients, you have to wait 20 minutes so the silica will bind to the water.
-Add 5ml of Coco Grow part A, and 5ml of Coco Grow part B.
-Add 3.75ml of Calmag
-PH to 5.8
-Add 1.1ml of Roots Excelurator
-Add 1.1ml of Tribus
-Add 1 Tsp of Azos

I like to use orchid pots as they drain extremely well.  Make sure you're using well draining pots/containers.  A lot of folks will add holes and slits to their pots using a soldering gun or similar tool.

For smaller plants, it's recommended to dilute the nutrients.  For my plantlets, I'll sometimes dilute to 1/2 strength.

I also like to dust my roots with Azos!  I feel like there is a noticeable difference in root growth when this is done.

That's it.  Once your mix is all set, start watering!!  Typically, you want to water until 5-10% of the mixture drains.  Again, make sure to have well draining pots/containers!

If there are any questions, feel free to reach out using the "Contact" form!  If you have any proven methods of juicing up your plant growth, feel free to let me know!